Danielle Brion

Born in 1984 in Smith Town Long Island, Danielle Brion is the owner and head designer at House of Dani. B. based in Tampa, Florida. Danielle studied fashion design at the International Academy of
Design and Technology and received her BA in 2010.

Since then she has never stopped following her dreams of becoming a world renowned fashion designer. Danielle launched her name sake brand “House of Dani.B” in 2016. And Opened the first House of Dani B. design studio in June of 2018. As a wife and mother of two beautiful children she strives for greatness and works through the obstacles of everyday life pushing and working for what she believes in.

House of Dani.B is a line that promotes individuality and originality, a feeling, a place, a moment, a creative expression where you are in your truest form. Danielle is often inspired by art, dance and her latin culture. She adheres these elements when designing. You can follow House of Dani.B on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with her latest designs and next moves.

                                   TOP MODELS                                 

House of Dani. B Top Models are part of an elite influencer team, strategically curated by Danielle Brion (owner & Designer), Kyle X Kilgore (Brand Consultant & Strategist), and Keith & Amanda Felley (photographer & model coach). We host a Bi-annual call to find the next and best additions to the house.  The selected talent will be contracted models for a year, receive a clothing allowance, and given a personalized discount code to share with their followers.

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Co-Owner + Stylist

Meet Nyomie, a key component of our creative department and the youngest stylist on our team. As Co-Owner, she's been given the opportunity and responsibilities of cultivating an emerging brand by providing progressive insight. 


Head of Hair + Make-up

Meet Tati, the brain behind hair and makeup, execution details, and HMUA staffing. As a recent graduate from The Paul Mitchell Academy, she's made massive strides towards honing her craft. She's been with the brand sense day one, and we couldn't imagine the house without her.